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Scents & Cinnis
Scents & Cinnis

Scents & Cinnis

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 Introducing: Scents and Cinnis – A Symphony of Aroma and Flavor!

Embark on a sensory journey with our exclusive collaboration with Cinnamon and Dough – presenting the perfect pairing of handcrafted candles and delectable cinnamon rolls. Welcome to the enchanting world of Scents and Cinnis!

February’s Featured Delight: The Sugared Strawberry Cream Cinnamon Scent and Cinni! 🍓

Immerse yourself in the alluring fragrance of a custom 8oz. candle and a cinnamon roll that includes notes of cinnamon, strawberry, whipped buttercream, pink sugar, and white chocolate ganache. This delightful combination will transport you to a realm of sweet indulgence.

Available starting February 9th and through the entire month of February. 

Perfect for Valentine’s Day or a thoughtful gift for a loved one! Unveil a world where delightful scents and mouthwatering flavors collide.

2 Sizes Available:
🤍 - Mini Size:** Sweet mini strawberry roll (5 oz.)with matching mini candle (4oz.) - $14.00.
🤍 - Big Size:** Big size strawberry roll (9.9 oz) large enough to share with a friend or valentine, with matching scent in an 8 oz candle. - $27

Act fast, as each package is made to order. We can’t wait to share this monthly sensory delight with you!

Experience the magic of Scents and Cinnis – because joy is in the air, and love is in every roll!